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The Weekend

Happy Friday lovely people! What a long week! Phew, couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday! But when don’t I feel like that? This weekend is going to be packed but good things are happening so no complaints on my end. Saturday night I will be at London House for a friend’s birthday and Sunday I have a fun shoot with

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What I’m Packing for Rome & Florence

Another trip is approaching. I have to say, I particularly like the frequency of these ‘impromptu’ trips as of late! I leave next week for a week to Rome and Florence. Back in college, I had transferred from my US University so that I can attend The American University of Rome. It wasn’t an immediate love affair, but after a

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Home | Rustic Chic in Ibiza

My obsession with homes doesn’t just focus on the interiors but also on the outdoor area that I so long to have. Sure, I can move to the suburbs, but would I have a pool surrounded by olive groves and perhaps, even a view of the ocean? Not in the Midwest, I won’t. This rustic, chic home on the island


Energy: Your Best Accessory

Energy is a notion I haven’t given much thought to but one that seems to constantly be swirling around me. Over the years, you tend to look back and notice a pattern about your life. Not only about yourself, but also the type of people you tend to attract. So, when a good friend recently asked me to reflect on the