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Introducing Erica Ayala

I’m so excited to introduce to you my lovely friend Erica Ayala! We initially connected when I was consulting and instantly hit it off. Our affinity for beautiful jewelry and vintage pieces is what brought us together. Not to mention, she’s incredibly inspiring, juggling both work and a new baby. So, today I’m very excited to announce the first contributor

Color of Love

While I was in Salt Lake City for ALT Summit a few weeks back, I did some research on the best shops to visit. Decades kept popping up and it just so happened to be conveniently located near my hotel. Fate, I tell ya. I would be lying if I told you I only went there once…The shop was full of

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Home | A Photographers’ Abode in Stockholm

I know Scandinavian design is nothing new, designers and interior enthusiasts have been obsessed with it for quite some time. I however, recently have become more drawn to the simplistic interiors. I realized, that while I love a moody or even colorful space, I wouldn’t necessarily want to live in it. You should see my Pinterest boards, they are all