Lady Luck

2017 rolled in with many aspirations to focus on the “now” and live in the present moment. I even downloaded the audio book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. And yet, with every good intention, I still fear this is near impossible these days, especially for someone in the blogging world that’s always looking ahead, to future trends, upcoming

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EarCandy | February Playlist

A month dedicated to all things love and romance…. a special emphasis placed on pretty little things, flowers and sweet words for 30 whole days. I wonder why only one month is dedicated to l’amour. I’d happily wear my rose-colored glasses the rest of the year if it meant treating myself on the regular. This year, I’ll be spending v-day


Bedtime, Pastime

What better way to welcome the month of amour than lounging around in bed, surrounded by a dozen pillows, a duvet that I get lost in and a book I can’t seem to put down. Sure, perhaps the bed is empty and vast these days, but I’ve found my way back into reading. A pastime I tend to forget how

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Home | Scandinavian Farmhouse

What a stunning home….I’m not sure where to start? If it wasn’t the dead of winter, perhaps that pool wouldn’t be so alluring but I’m over here dreaming of warmer and sunnier days. Honestly, a Scandinavian farmhouse with a backyard like that are what dreams are made of. I happen to love all the little vignettes throughout the home; the