Skincare Oils For the Summer

My vanity is overflowing with skin care products- in the past few months, my collection has nearly doubled. I split my skincare routine into seasons and while it’s sweltering hot out, I tend to reach for lightweight products, first. The less is better motto rings true in everything from my daily outfit to my beauty routine. Recently, I’ve added Healing Natural Oils to

The Chic Way to Style a Floral Blazer

I’m slightly embarrassed by how long it’s been since I’ve posted on the blog. Unlike Instagram, where I post a few times a day, I’ve yet to write a few words here for quite some time. I suppose I needed a bit of time, and space, to go and live life, you know? Needless to say, I took that vacation

Spring Weekend Essentials

Outfits these days are less planned, more of a concoction of a few essential pieces that seem to come together in one variation or another. Ripped jeans, a weekend staple, tends to be the basis of my wardrobe, allowing for a slew of options to throw on top.  While I have made my attempts to jump on the bomber-jacket bandwagon, I have

Latest | Beauty Favorites

As a young girl, my grandmother would hand me cut cumbers and orange peels, not for the snacking you so expect, but rather for slathering on my face. I remember, she always looked so youthful; her skin completely a false representation of her age. Makeup? I tend to be impartial to, but skincare, that I will research, continuously test products and always make