Spring Weekend Essentials

Outfits these days are less planned, more of a concoction of a few essential pieces that seem to come together in one variation or another. Ripped jeans, a weekend staple, tends to be the basis of my wardrobe, allowing for a slew of options to throw on top.  While I have made my attempts to jump on the bomber-jacket bandwagon, I have

Latest | Beauty Favorites

As a young girl, my grandmother would hand me cut cumbers and orange peels, not for the snacking you so expect, but rather for slathering on my face. I remember, she always looked so youthful; her skin completely a false representation of her age. Makeup? I tend to be impartial to, but skincare, that I will research, continuously test products and always make

Earcandy | April Playlist

My selection of music changes with the seasons. Warmer temps ignite a craving for Latin-inspired tunes and overall groovier vibes. I stumbled across some new artists, much like Bent, that I happen to really like and have downloaded their entire album. While on the other hand, I also was feeling some of my all time Spanish favorites that reminded me

A Forced Restart

I’ve dabbled in various endeavors… a storefront I impulsively signed the lease for only to realize I felt trapped; I’ve spent countless hours inhaling paint fumes to give love to old, worn furniture; I continue to help women update their wardrobes with stylish pieces and I even started writing a book I hope to finish one day… Needless to say,