The Weekend

After a bit of a whirlwind weekend last week, I’m ready to take it easy and get my footing again. As you all know, I still have a house guest in town until Sunday so I will be playing tour guide for one more weekend! I just may find myself at SoHo house typing and brainstorming away with my intern


Home | Bright Scandinavian Apartment

Where do I start with this apartment? I love everything about it- from it’s quaint outdoor seating area to it’s white-washed hardwood floors and rustic decor. Obviously, quite Scandinavian in design, I simply want to lounge around on that white linen sofa. Or perhaps whip up a cup of coffee in that robin-egg blue and checkered kitchen. Everything has a


A Red Dress in Florence

When I travel I tend to forget about time, schedules and the sense of tired is simply a fleeting thought that never sticks around long enough to be felt. I would walk up and down the streets of Florence, turning left and right, hoping to get lost among the ancient, pink-washed walls. I especially love how small I feel in Europe. Almost


EarCandy | October Playlist

I’m really excited to be sharing a monthly playlist here on the blog every month. It’s wild that a song can instantly change the mood of a space or bring back memories. It can transport you to a faraway place or get you excited and pumped for a night out on the town. I tend to listen to a variety