Home | A Minimal Townhouse in NY

A few years back, I shared an apartment that was in an old, converted. I loved the history behind the building and the 20 foot ceilings. Today’s home tour, was also once a Jewish school in New York and was then converted into a single family townhouse. One of the important aspects is to try and keep as much of


Imagination and a Blue Lace Dress

What makes me feel so ease in places far from home, I wonder. Generally speaking, the thought of being away from one’s sense of comfort, your own things, your home, tends to induce a sense of anxiety, stress, even panic. And yet, I feel most like myself. It’s as if a switch turns on and the curious child in me


The Weekend

It’s officially Fall and I’m surprisingly quite excited about the shift in season. Besides the usual contenders of pumpkin-spiced everything, I’m really looking forward to more home-cooked meals, cozy sweaters, the return of my Fall shows and crisp, morning walks. This weekend I am forcing myself to take it slow. Tonight I am going to organize my house, order-in and