Neutral Layers + Snake Skin Boots

I struggle with posting every day looks here, on the blog, simply because I worry they aren’t capturing enough. Ripped jeans? Revolutionary. Come to think of it, as bloggers, we’re not here to necessarily reinvent the wheel, but rather share some insight into what we define as our own personal style. And so, today, I share one of my simplest

December IT List

We’re well into December, the Holidays just around the corner, a fresh new year merely weeks away. A cross-Atlantic trip tends to do that to me…discombobulate. I lose track of time and simply let the last few weeks of 2017 wash over me. I’ve rounded up my December IT list and it’s really just a bit of a dream Christmas

The Not So Basic Sweatshirt

The last time I wore a sweatshirt on the blog, here, it was also not the slightest bit basic, with its billowy sleeves and pearl details. It should then, come as no surprise, that this sweatshirt, and all the others that hang in my closet, are also attention grabbing in their own way. I absolutely adore the embroidery on this

Skincare Essentials for Winter

Perhaps my favorite topic to discuss, skincare. I’ve never really thought of skincare as becoming ‘trendy’ but over the past few years, I feel that it’s importance has finally made an impression on the masses. Fortunately, I was still in my early 20’s when I was slathering on eye creams and getting facialsĀ and here’s to hoping my 40 year old