5 Tips to Become a Morning Person

One of my goals this year, and overall in life, is to be more efficient and proactive. I used to believe that I wasn’t a morning person, but truth be told, when I don’t have to go in the office, I love waking up early on the weekends and getting a head start on my day. Even on vacations, I’m usually

2018 Travel Plans + Wishlist

It’s obvious I have travel on mind; as soon as the holidays are over and we’re well into the new year, the wanderlust kicks in. This year, I took a bit of a different approach- I made a list of dream destinations and from there selected my top priorities to fit around my work schedule. I get asked quite often

Beauty Edit: The French Pharmacy

There is no secret that French beauty is highly sought-after… their effortless, slightly disheveled yet utterly chic style has created a worldwide cult following. I, one of the many obsessed. They practically invented #iwokeuplikethis. Before heading out to Paris, I made it a priority to research as much about their beauty scene as I possibly could and come back with

Golden Globes 2018 Roundup

Award Season is one of the few things that gets me through the dismal and cold, winter months. I always look forward to seeing the amazing fashion, listening to inspirational speeches, like the extraordinary speech Oprah gave, and adding a list of movies and shows to my queue. I will be doing a roundup of my most noteworthy looks after each award