wind blown
Powder Blue Spring Coat

It’s officially time to get back to reality. I’m headed back home after a week in San Jose {1 hour south of San Francisco} visiting Petar and enjoying the California sunshine! It wasn’t all play- I squeezed in meetings, vintage hunting {just you wait to see!}, blogging and networking. California weather is a walk in the park compared to Chicago

Coffee Table Books

A good book can completely transform your coffee table. With beautiful covers, intriguing topics and doses of color, the perfect book can be a conversation starter and also a design staple. I definitely need to up my game and add some new books to my lucite coffee table, but these are a few of my favorite that are constantly rotating

march moods
March Moods

March is a month of great juxtapositions; it is the lion and the lamb, after all. Despite the fact that I can’t get enough of powder blue this Spring, I wanted to capture the icy cold and the sweet and feminine pinks for this month’s palette. A month of shaking off those winter blues, pun intended, and welcoming refreshing beginnings.

spring yo 800
Weekend Links

We made it! Another week closer to Spring! Right? I was excited to escape Chicago winter, even if for a week, and get out to California. I get why people live here. Not to mention, being in the zipcode as Petar is just amazing. This weekend we are headed to a bit of wine tasting in Napa and a drive