Dinner at Presidio

Last week I was invited to a blogger dinner at Presidio. I quickly took a peek at their menu, as I usually do before I head out to a new restaurant. I had already mentally bookmarked a few of the dishes I knew I had to try. Two words. Foie Gras. I went for the foie gras but little did I

Fashion Rules

As soon as this skirt became available in my size, I snatched it right up. The cut, the pleats and the color were, in my opinion, perfection. It instantly reminded me of my grandmother. She had a skirt almost identical to this one that she wore with a striped navy blue and khaki sweater. I loved that outfit on her;

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

I can’t remember the last time I had a regular potato. No joke. I eat sweet potatoes once a week in the cooler months  but rarely eat regular potatoes in any form. I recently stumbled across The Nourished Kitchen, which I quickly became obsessed with. I’ve already made several of her delicious recipes and this just happens to be one

room 2
Home | Vintage Bones and Contemporary Art

This stunning space was given an entirely new life by interior designer, Lourdes Calvo. Clean lines and tranquil hues fill the home and allow the vintage pieces, the light and the art work to blend harmoniously. I absolutely love all the unexpected details: the hanging lanterns in the bathroom, the lucite-encased coral, the seafoam green headboard. And that bubbling bath