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Home | A Boutique Hotel on Rhodes

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the island of Rhodes- situated near the coast of Turkey, with pristine beaches, fresh seafood and cobblestone streets, this island has been added high on my list the next time I visit Greece. Especially with the opening of the brand, new Casa Cook Hotel which opened just a month ago. A boutique hotel

An Outfit to Keep Me In Motion

Constantly in motion….I’m always longing to stand still but am in utter fear of complacency. Perhaps I’m worried I may actually like it. The simplicity. The extended pause. If I’m constantly moving, doing, going- it leaves little room for thought. And the chatter, up there, can be quite loud lately. So, I book trip after trip, over book my schedule

NoMad Luxuries Interiors Interiors Mykonos, Greece
Home | White Villa on Mykonos

Did you think that all things Greece would stop just because I’m back from my trip? Not a chance. I might be even a bit more obsessed than I was before I left and since I am still on a vacation high; breathing in the salt-water air and soaking in the Mediterranean sun, today I am featuring another white-washed home

A Dance in the Park

After a much-needed hiatus (and a failed hard-drive), I’m reminded that some of the best moments are the ones that go undocumented. Much like the Sunday afternoon I spent at the Art Institute gardens swaying to an impromptu milonga. Thanks to the couple that brought their radio with a melange of music to dance tango in the park. I spend