EarCandy | December Playlist

The Holidays always stir up a different energy, perhaps we can call it magic and at this time of year, I especially crave moody and seductive jazz-like tunes. The notes that transport you to a dimly lit bistro, a wafting cloud of cigarette smoke, a glass of red beaujolais and a red lip that tempts but never actually invites. Dinners


A Striped Dress, All The Details

If I were to be described simply, in a few words, I hope it would somehow involve my attention to detail. Trivial, you may think but to me, it may just be the utmost compliment. Details: small parts that collectively add up to create a whole. Without those tiny, minutiae, nothing would actually be complete. Perhaps it’s the power of


My Winter Beauty Essentials

When I was little, my grandma would peel cucumbers so that I could rub them on my face. Occasionally, she would throw in orange peels for extra vitamin c, too. She never wore makeup, my grandmother, and would always be mistaken for 20 years her junior. She would pinch my cheeks to give them a natural flush- or even tell


A Colonial Retreat

While most of my travel tends to be overseas, I really wish I would start exploring a bit more of my own backyard. As soon as the air turns cooler and the holidays quickly approach, I imagine myself sneaking away to a colonial cottage, somewhere on the East coast and hiding out for a long weekend. I’ve got my eye