January’s IT List


Yana Frigelis of NoMad Luxuries shares her January IT List for fashion

Officially into 2018 and I’m feeling incredibly grounded and focused. While the holidays are always lovely, it is nice to have a fresh start to a new year, don’t  you think? This year, as I mentioned here, I promised I would be more mindful on spending, picking pieces, whether for my home or my wardrobe, that I truly love. You see, I tend to be an emotional shopper, so fighting the urge should prove to be difficult, to say the least. But just because I’m on a so-called, spending diet, doesn’t mean I can’t look at the delicious menu. Not to mention, if something is on sale, well, that’s fair game. I’ve rounded up my January IT list and it’s a bit more focused on the essentials this month.  A great starting off point for building a wardrobe you love for the rest of the year. I’ll be writing up a post on 2018 trends and what to keep an eye out for, but in the meantime, have a peek at these fabulous 10 pieces.

1. The Pendant Necklace Everyone’s  Wearing: Pendant necklaces have made a major comeback and I’m not mad about it one bit. They have a slight vintage vibe to them, look even better layered and give off that collected over time look. This one just so happens to be a gold coin and is at a great price!

2. The Floral Sheath Dress: This dress is a bit off brand for me with it’s bright red color and pop of unexpected turquoise floral pattern, but I absolutely love it. Let’s be honest, Diane von Furstenberg can do no wrong and this just happens to be another perfect dress. Not to mention, it has long sleeves which makes it ideal for this time of year and a sheath dress is flattering on every body!

3. The Face Oil: I’m a big fan of face oils and especially during the cold, winter months end up using them on a regular basis. This one just so happens to be a blend of marula oil with neroli for it’s soothing, nourishing and regenerating effects. I imagine it must smell divine, too.

4. The Perfect Camel Coat: I may be a coat hoarder. I have an obscene collection of outerwear…and shoes. This winter, I’ve been on the lookout for a coat in the perfect shade of winter white- yet, still to be found, and another in camel. This Topshop coat happens to be a chic cut in the perfect camel color and under $200!

5. The Color-Block Sweater: I feel as though every time I find something I like on H&M I feel surprised. I was never big on shopping there but recently feel like they’ve stepped up their game and I have to give credit where credit is deserved. They are putting out quite the collection. I love the over-size sleeves and boxy cut of this sweater but especially love the color-blocking. This would look fabulous with a basic pair of jeans or high-waisted pants.

6. The Dry Body Brush:  If you don’t know what dry brushing is yet, please read this article from Goop. I used to do it quite religiously and then stopped but promised myself this year I would focus more on prevention and natural, homeopathic wellness. Dry brushing has incredible benefits and only takes a few minutes out of your day. The basics that you need to know? It focuses on your lymphatic system and with the help of this little brush, helps drain all the toxins out of your body.

7. The Military Boot: The right military boot, if styled properly, can add the perfect, and I mean, perfect , juxtaposition to an outfit. These happen to be one of best pairs I’ve seen at this price point and frankly, who can say no to a bit of patent? Thinking about picking up a pair to style with an unexpectedly, feminine dress.

8. The Retro Purse: If you would have told me this purse was under $30, I would have never believed you. The style, cut and even color of this faux leather handbag looks much more expensive this its price tag! I love it!

9. The Hand Knit Sweater: It is, after all, sweater season. This hand knit sweater with detailed sleeves is incredibly beautiful and yet organic in design. I happen to like creamy, neutral color, almost like the froth of a latter and it looks incredibly cozy without skimping on style.

10. The Geometric Skirt: I like green but for whatever reason tend to shy away from it in my own wardrobe. This geometric, midi skirt has the perfect balance of pattern and color. It happens to have a matching top and you know how much I like a co-ord. I would actually wear this as the set is intended- it feels slightly retro and yet incredibly fresh for spring.