Before Midnight: A Letter to 2018


I was frivolous this past year, in all aspects of my life. It was a sea of constant change, learning how to heal; how to find myself again, what makes me happy and focus more on those things that do, at whatever cost. I had given myself the green light to be irresponsible, at least my version of it, and to be honest, it was so, very much needed. Decisions? I had reached my quota on decision making in 2016, there was simply no capacity left in me and so, I frivolously spent money as if there was a never-ending supply, dated men casually, most to simply pass the time, over-indulged, said yes to too many invites and often times, simply went along for the ride. The collateral damage, you ask? Time, money and on occasion, my pride and dignity.

I entered a new decade, my 30’s, quite anti-climatically; I did, however, make it a priority to travel as much as my job would possibly allow. I crossed off destinations that have been on my list for years, Morocco, being one of them. I rode camels at sunset in the desert and was guided by the light of the stars to my tent; I ate the sweetest figs on the island of Paros and finally learned how to tie a turban; I laughed until the early hours of the morning with friends in a dimly lit Parisian bistro; I attended my second New York Fashion Week; I spent quality time with my dad in a place that will forever be my other home, I picked fresh olives from the tree and watched them being pressed into liquid gold; I ate my body weight in cheese and met a gorgeous, French man and oh, aren’t these the moments we live for? Work for?

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And so, I’ve decided to embrace this ‘frivolous’ past year of mine not only because it was incredibly needed, but because I was able to shed some of those old, stuffy, layers of mine to get closer to the woman I want to become. I feel stronger, lighter and unapologetically satisfied. I’m entering a new year with unmatched memories and inspiring women who have become my dear friends. I keep polariods to remind me in case my memories begin to fade, but 2017; you were unscripted, spontaneous and oh-so fully embraced.


For no other reason than trusting my gut, I have a feeling I’m in store for significant changes in 2018. Last year, I simply needed to be; without rules or guidelines, no ‘shoulds’ to pressure me. In 2018? I’m ready to take more risk, fully embrace welcomed changes and chase after them, too. Rather than focusing on ‘resolutions’ this year, I decided to go a different route and create some mantras that will guide me on feeling more fulfilled and balanced.

  • I want to flex my creative muscle even more. I’m sure you’ve noticed NoMad Luxuries veering off into a different direction these past couple of months. Without going into too much detail, there will be a post dedicated to this topic, please know that this blog is no more than a reflection of me and my passions and as I grow and evolve as will Nomad Luxuries. I simply hope you enjoy the transformation and join me along for the ride.
  • I’ve made some big decisions that will start to slowly unfold in the first half of 2018. They are the first steps, one of many to come, that will help me get closer to living the life I want. Oh you’re so vague, you say. I know, I know but what I can say is please read this article. It brought me to tears because it’s truly how I feel so much of the time and I am working incredibly hard, both internally and externally to find an alignment of the two.
  • I’m ready for a relationship. It’s a bit difficult to say out loud, much less write for all to see. I’m not sure I’ll ever get married again, at least not in the sense of a big, white, over-the-top wedding. That’s never really been me. I would, however, love to find someone to share my life with. I’m not in a rush and I’m not actively looking but I’m also not shying away from the idea, should it come along. I suppose, that in itself, is a significant step for me.
  • I’m looking to find a bit more balance in my life…aren’t we all? I’m an extremist, all or nothing attitude and I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t always have to be one or the other; there is a middle ground and I’m in search of it.
  • One of my biggest goals this year is to be more mindful, in every sense. I want to be more thoughtful when making decisions, spend less frivolously, listen more and speak less, make plans and act upon them, and stop comparing my work/life/body/career/success to others. As long as I’m growing, learning and being the best version of me, well then I’m succeeding.

I’m incredibly grateful for all of you and this community we’ve built. Cheers to a new year, a fresh clean slate and to going after what we want. 2018, we’re coming for you!

Photos by Jennifer Coffey Photography