Honeymoon Under the Crescent Moon

 { Bustling Istanbul: Full of life and shopping. Image via Pinterest }

I’m long overdue for a vacation- one year, eight months and six days to be exact, but who’s counting?! This past year has been a whirlwind and this month’s trip couldn’t come at a better time. Six months after our wedding, we are finally taking our honeymoon! I can’t wait to unwind and catch up on my summer reading list, sightsee and soak up the Mediterranean rays with my husband.

                  Our first stop will be Istanbul, where we will spend five days exploring the cosmopolitan city, where east meets west, before we head to Santorini.  Another five days on the island, devoted to much-needed family time and R&R before we head back to the states.

                 Conveniently, the first annual Shopping Fest will be taking place in Istanbul during our stay; a month of festivities, tax-free shopping and major discounts. Enough said. I plan to dedicate one entire day to the Grand Bazaar where I hope I can check off most of the items below.

 { Grand Bazaar book by Assouline : Visual Candy }


  { Silk Bed sheets from Abdullah at the Grand Bazaar. A must buy on my list! }

Here are a few things on my shopping list…

 •             Vintage Shopping

•             Textiles

•             Rug

•             Jewelry

•             Pouf

•             Light Fixture

•             Bone-inlay anything

•             Spices (Spice Bazaar)

•             Turkish Towels

•             Bathroom supplies and soap

•             Bed Linens

   { Walking Shoes: Archer by Dolce Vita– for hours of exploring the Grand Bazaar }



  1. June 21, 2012 / 8:02 pm

    Istanbul is FABULOUS. And I say that even if the Grand Bazaar was closed when I was there! I recently read a fantastic article on vintage shopping in Istanbul that I wished I’d had when I visited. Use the table of contents to navigate to the article at https://issuu.com/sister_magazine/docs/english-issue2/238

    Have a wonderful honeymoon!

    • yana
      June 21, 2012 / 9:22 pm

      Thank you Deepa- this is exactly what I was looking for!I’ve heard so much about Istanbul’s vintage scene and can’t wait to see it first hand- hope you keep reading, I’ll be recapping the trip when we return!

  2. Jelena
    June 22, 2012 / 3:27 am

    WOW!! How exciting…Congratulations and I look forward to hearing about your experience and all the great finds at the bazaar. Safe travels.