A Natural, Alternative to Birth Control


A Natural, Alternative to Birth Control


I’ve been talking about this monthly series for quite a while now, one where we’d open up the conversation to more serious topics. You know, other than #ootd and #travelgoals. And, please don’t think of this as always a heavy post, it’s moreso just an opportunity, once a month, to come together and open a dialogue. Whether that means talking about topics like sex and dating to finances and blogging questions. It’s all fair game and it’s also what YOU want to talk about! It’s here and I’m excited to kick it off with a topic that effects all of us women, birth control.


98% of women have used birth control at some point in there lives and 62% are still on some form of birth control. There are a variety of reasons why we take birth control, whether it’s dealing with hormonal imbalances to acne or the more obvious, managing our fertility. I went on birth control once and had a horrible experience. Now, there’s plenty of women who are on bc their whole reproductive lives and never encounter any issues; personally I think that anything that controls your body for that long must have some side effects we may not even be aware of.  I had no sex drive, hence the prevention…; I felt very airy, disconnected and overall, unlike myself. I immediately stopped taking it and while I’ve explored other options, nothing ever felt worth taking and altering my cycle for.

I get it, some women don’t have a regular cycle and truly need bc to help regulate. Fortunately, I’ve always been regular and always felt there were never any natural alternatives. If you know me, then you know I’m more into natural care for my body, so when I saw that Lee from America, a favorite blog I love to read, also swears by the Daysy Fertility Tracker, I had to reach out! As much as this is for us women who aren’t ready for children, this is also extremely helpful for those trying to get pregnant.

A Natural, Alternative to Birth Control


Daysy measures your basel temperature. What’s a basel temp? Basically, it’s your initial waking temperature- before you get out of bed, move, drink water, anything. This helps the tracker learn your cycle and when you ovulate. Your body has a specific temperature during ovulation, so this should be the first thing you do each morning before starting your day to stay consistent. And no, you don’t put it in down there! It’s an actual thermometer that goes in your mouth- phew! There’s an app that you download on your iphone and it shows you which days are your “safe” days depending on whether you’re trying for a baby or preventing pregnancy.

It’s 99.4% effective from day one and doesn’t effect your hormones! Why isn’t this more promoted in our annual ogbyn appointments? I guess all-natural alternatives aren’t money makers…. This Swiss company is empowering women to take control of their fertility, to tune in with their bodies and is offering a hormone-free and safe alternative to what’s on the market. And before you ask…not sponsored, guys! I came across Daysy on Instagram and after reading up about them, reached out. After having such a negative response to oral contraceptives and not loving the obvious, but limited options, I wanted to give this a try and have been so happy that I did!

A Natural, Alternative to Birth Control

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone and there’s risk involved, just like with all other forms of birth control, but I’m relieved to finally see something on the market that is giving women more control over their bodies in a safe and natural way! So….this is where I hope we open the conversation? Have you had any bad/good experiences with bc? Does a natural alternative even interest you? Share in the comments below!

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