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So….I decided not to write a personal post yesterday. Well, I wrote it, I just wasn’t ready to publish it yet. So, instead, today we have a really dreamy black and white apartment to oogle. And yes, I avoid my feelings by staring and dreaming of interiors, food, shopping, travel…you name it. Fortunately for you, I’m kind enough to share. So, how bout this place? Black and white and perfect all over! That Moroccan wedding blanket on the bed is everrrrything! And what perfect and simple styling! Even the radiator is polished with a mother-of-pearl mirror, art, and small, wooden figurines. I honestly wish there were more photos because I’m really digging this space. The white-washed floors, the ornate bones of the apartment paired with gilded decor and organic, exotic details. They just work so well together. It’s good. It’s real good! And I’ll take a zebra hide rug just about any day!

Photos via here