The Weekend

NoMad Luxuries Weekend Reading and Links Inspiration

The long awaited Friday, signaling the end of a work-week, for most, and the beginning of rest, relaxation and perhaps a bit of indulgence, too. I’m signing off a bit early today to break a sweat at my very first SOUL Cycle class- I hope to be yet another convert and ideally, burn off a few calories while I’m in search of my soul on bike 62. Truly, I envision my heart exploding into a ray of light, if not for simply gasping for air. And, in true Leo nature, I’ll be rewarding myself with an oxygen facial which will not only hydrate my skin but also, hopefully, add oxygen to the rest of my body, too. I’ll be in desperate need of it, I’m sure. Morocco planning is in full swing these days- I’ve even created a binder to keep track of all my findings. I may be just as excited for the experience as I am sharing it with all of you. If there’s something special or specific you’d like to see, leave it in the comments below! And with that, I wish you all a fabulous weekend. I’ve been ready all week! xx

Weekend Shopping

You all know my loyalty to Mango is a strong one and it has been for years- they have great wardrobe staples and chic accessories at great prices. They also, are having their midseason sale right now! I’ve hand-picked a few of my favorites.

 Weekend Reading

Really loving this fashion trend and I currently have everything to put the look together- may just have to give it a try—

For any SATC addict and single woman, you will appreciate this article… —

I’m on a smoothie kick and these three have me excited to play with different flavors! —

Lena Dunham talks about microblading and it’s made me feel that much more confident with my decision to get them done! —

A rare glimpse into this Italian villa on Lake Como…because Italy. Lake Como. Enough said.—