Tackling The Kitchen – Week 2


This week I took the time to really sit down and look through Pinterest. I pin all sorts of inspiration- looks that I admire but not necessarily would implement in my own home. Filtering through my Kitchen Board, I saw a reoccurring theme; bright kitchens with natural elements. While I by no means want a farmhouse look per se, I do want to make sure to have some organic textures exposed.

I love the idea of throwing in a vintage kilim underfoot to give the neutral space some color and texture. Natural elements don’t necessarily have to be part of the design but could be brought out through utensils. Olive wood cutting board? Now, If only I could convince the board to allow for black, steel windows. A small fortune but well worth the aesthetic pleasure!

Part of this “updating” process is also to get organized. Petar hates clutter, as I think most men do. So, I want to invest in storage jars, labels, and even new utensils. I want the kitchen to not only look great but to work for us and make cooking an even more enjoyable experience. To see what the original kitchen looks like, check out Week 1. Also, I love the idea of adding art. Oftentimes, an unexpected place for art but why not keep the element of surprise alive? This is also another great way to add color through decor. Have a look at some of the kitchens that are seriously inspiring me…

rustic kitchen with windows shelving wek storage neutral kitchen details rustic kitchen again natural wood kitchen kilim rug wrought iron white and herringbone white and details 800 Kitchen sink art