Professionalism in Blogging


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When I first graduated from university, I expected to dive right into the corporate world, spewing out decisions and negotiations in foreign tongues, traveling across the pond to sign contracts or what have you and scheduling meetings on my blackberry. Yes, you can say I had quite the gilded idea of a 9 to 5. But alas, I graduated in 2009 with a horrible economy and months of unemployment only to land a job as an executive assistant. At the time I was quite grateful but also utterly depressed that I would be using my languages and international business degrees to print papers, fetch lunch and master the skill of filing.  I would have worn this outfit to that imaginary corporate job of mine, but instead I wear it for dinners, coffee dates, meetings and when I just want to feel like a #girlboss.

Looking back, my professional background has proved nothing short of insightful and resourceful in blogging. For those of you switching gears, much like I did, use your corporate background as the asset it is. For the rest of you, strive for professionalism. Take time to compose your emails when pitching to a brand. What you are asking for and what you can give in return? This is, after all, your business. While there is no perfect recipe for success in the industry, there are tools that in my opinion, as bloggers, we should implement. I’ve had repeated success from blindly reaching out to collaborate with brands and I believe it has a lot to do with follow-up, professionalism, timeliness and being organized.  And by no means do you need to be buttoned up for meetings; let your creativity shine through and that you can be the best of both worlds! There’s an abundance of {excellent} bloggers out there and while this industry becomes more and more saturated, the small details are what can make you stand out from the crowd.

What I’m Wearing: Express Pants | Theory Top | Zara Sandals| Vintage Givenchy Jewelry | Alberto di Cania Purse