One Table: Sophisticated Moroccan

After yesterday’s mini blizzard, I figured this week’s One Table should be dedicated to warming the palette and the soul. I found a recipe for Harira, a staple in Morocco’s cuisine. Harira is a stew-like, tomato-based soup that can be found from Moroccan street corners to high-end restaurants. This recipe, featured in Elle Décor, uses spicy lamb sausage, lentils and chickpeas and I could barely contain myself. I’m thinking this could easily become a crockpot essential; all those exotic flavors will add heat to the cold winter months.

 Nomad Luxuries image of a hearty stew called ode to morocco

Nomad Luxuries flat lay photo for full recipe of "Ode to Morocco"

{The recipe doesn’t seem to be online yet; I went ahead and scanned the magazine pages.If you can’t read the recipe, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to send you a word file!}

Now, how about we dine at this AMAZING table setting? I had all sorts of euphoric feelings when I saw this. Like transforming our new dining room into a Moroccan escape. I love the sophistication that the black and white has to offer. Even better, when it’s infused with pops of color and natural elements, like these olive branches- it’s all sorts of good!

 Nomad Luxuries inspiration for a Moroccan styled table.

{Featured in Food & Wine and hosted at the Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech}

I have always been mesmerized by the Moroccan culture and design; mother-of-pearl inlay, delicious tea (even in sweltering heat), the food, the vibrant colors… I. CANT. GET. ENOUGH.

Nomad Luxuries inspiration for a Moroccan styled meal with black and white plates.

{Any display of food will look vibrant and enticing in these gorgeous B&W plates! Photo via here}

Nomad Luxuries inspiration for a Moroccan styled dinner with a peacock adorned plate.

{It’s all in the details: peacock-adorned plates and olive branches. Photo via Food And Wine}

So… Petar and I decided it was time to get our butts over to Morocco this June. We will be splitting our 10-day trip between Marrakech and The Southern beaches of Spain. I’m so ready. Morocco has been on my top places to visit and am so excited to experience this bustling culture! Not to mention, soak up rays in Costa del Sol with my love. I will be taking photos and documenting every aspect of this trip, and all other trips for that matter!

It’s not for another couple of months, but I do hope that you’ll join me on my adventure!

Nomad Luxuries inspiration for aromatherapy with a close up photo of dried up roses.

{Douse yourself in home-made rosewater, with this recipe, here}

And finally, can we just take a moment and talk about this space? What a remarkable transformation. You wouldn’t even notice that there are no windows. The neutral palette is far from lackluster and immediately transports you to a medina! Check out the before and after, here.

Nomad Luxuries showcasing an after photo of a beautifully decorated dining area.

{You should see the before…yikes!}

Has anyone traveled to Morocco? Have any tips on where to stay, what to eat and see and where to SHOP!? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Big Kiss!


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      Thanks Libby- it feels good to be back! It will be a great trip, I’m looking forward to it and all the visual stimulation!

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