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Ramp and Ricotta Gnocchi | Ramp Butter | Ramp and Asparagus Soup | Grilled Ramps with Sherry Vinaigrette | Ramp Pesto | Ramp and Spring Vegetable Quiche 

It’s a good thing I’m writing this on my computer, otherwise you would smell the obscene amount of ramp pesto on my breath. I was doing my weekly grocery run and spotted these delicious signs of Spring. I had completely forgotten that it was ramp season- making a calendar reminder for the future…. I had tried ramps for the first time two years ago and loved their fresh and bold flavor. I had no idea what I was going to make with them but I decided to pick up a few bunches anyway.

So, what’s a ramp? Ramps are part of the lily family and are generally the first “greens” to pop up come Spring. They even look like lily of the valley, without the flower. Their growing season is short and sweet, much like their flavor. They have that pungent onion flavor with the freshness and earthy undertone. They are ridiculously good. Not to mention, their mineral-rich leaves are thought to cleanse the blood. Oh, and they’re foraged. Much like morels. And, doesn’t it sound neat that you foraged your latest meal?

Lo and behold, there’s tons of delicious recipes out there to take advantage of ramp season. I just happened to make pesto but am looking forward to making all of these amazing recipes!

Have you ever had ramps? I’d love to hear any favorite recipes! Feel free to share them in the comments below- Xx