Get on Track for 2014

Hello there! As the New Year approaches, I start itching for some serious organization. In order to take things with my business to the next level, I need a well-organized and stylish office space. It’s been in the works for quite some time, but I am going to dedicate my full-attention to making a space where I can feel completely creative and efficient. With that being said, I’ve rounded up my top picks for de-cluttering and keeping on track with my to-do list. Whether your running your own business or studying for exams, these items will be fabulous in any space!

organized office

Lip Tease Mug// Gentle Reminder Pencils// Footed Pencil Holder// Work Lamp// 2014 Agenda// Tortoise Iphone Case// Exotic Candle// Lucite Tape Dispenser// Organizational Bins

5 thoughts on “Get on Track for 2014

  1. Alla

    That agenda book is so sweet, I’m a notebook addict myself. Here in the Netherlands everyone is so hard core about their agenda books probably because they plan things 2 month in advance. That pencil holder can be used for holding remote controls! I have something similar but no ‘feet’.

  2. Silvia

    I ALMOST picked up that lamp at IKEA a few weeks ago, and now I really wish I had, I need a desk lamp! What a beautiful blog you have. I look forward to dropping by more often!

    1. Yana Post author

      Silvia- thanks for stopping by! I still can’t get over that lamp and the price is even better! I think we should both pick one up! Will definitely be swinging by your site for some delicious recipes. Happy Holidays! Xx

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