Female Support System {FSS}

 You’ll excuse me for the digression on the blog this morning…this thought keeps popping back into my mind. I figured it was time to put words to paper (figuratively speaking), and give it some space in the virtual world. I read a quote a while back about women. I, of course, can’t find it when I need it, but it went a little something like this…

A classic photo of the cast of the main characters of Sex in The City.

{Couldn’t be any more appropriate! SATC!}

Considering women know how hard it is, in fact, to be a woman; the struggles, the ups and downs, you would think we would be nicer to one another. Support each other in the hardest of times rather than undermine and belittle.

I’ve always felt it critical to have a strong support system of females in my life, and how very difficult, if not near impossible, it is to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of women out there that are surrounded by other female “friends”, but are they there when times get tough?

Now, I don’t expect ALL women to be friends, but some common courtesy for our own kind, a kinship of sorts, would be a refreshing change from the constant competition and cattiness. I’m fortunate and thankful for the few friendships I’ve had in my life that are constant, and truly cherish those. However, I would love to broaden my circle. There are so many amazing and strong women out there to learn from. I feel the older I get, the harder it seems to break through that barrier.

I found this interesting article in Forbes this morning. It’s specifically geared towards women in the workplace, but it does bring up a few points of why we behave so badly. Tsk tsk!

 I would love to hear your thoughts and how you find positive connections in fellow women.

And finally, I’d like to say thank you to all of you for stopping by, reading and supporting this little blog of mine. Your feedback means the world to me and I hope that we can develop an amazing community on here!



5 thoughts on “Female Support System {FSS}

  1. Cyndi

    A woman’s perspective is often so important. My husband is my best friend and wise in so many ways, but there are times when he just doesn’t understand -although he tries, bless his heart…I need my girlfriends to mull things over with.

    Through the years I have experienced so many wonderful friendships, some have stayed with me, others have melted away as time marched on, and some have come back into my life. I think we most often make connections with those we spend the most time with and have a lot in common – school, work, and the mothers of my kids’ friends.

  2. Claudia

    Could not agree more. The way women are jealous and catty with each other has got to stop. We should all be pushing each other towards the top, not making things more difficult.

  3. Jelena

    Totally agree with your blog and the comments from the ladies above. It is important to surround yourself with those who will rise above the pettiness. It is important to be around people who can appreciate and support the differences in others. It is all about the quality not the quantity of friends. Grateful for your friendship 😉

    1. Yana

      Thank you for all of your comments ladies! I completely agree. Cyndi, my husband too, is my best friend. We were best friends for seven years before we decided to tie the knot. But you’re absolutely right, there’s just some topics you want to discuss and be giddy about with your girlfriends. I don’t think a man will be ever as excited about upholstery or understand that you feel bloated in that outfit!

      It’s not an easy road we women travel, the more supportive and positive we are for one another the better off 🙂

  4. Libby

    I have thought about this a lot.. and in relation to the business/industry I was in (note the past tense!). We were ALL free-lancers, self-employed, sub-contractors etc. And yet, there was no spirit of helping each other out. I never really knew what others charged, how much they made, how they negotiated contracts etc. etc. Except for the few wonderful and generous friends I had in the industry. So we banded together. But it was a tough road out there and now, as I look at the industry from the outside, I think it is even worse. Competition is fierce. Anyway, I digress…. but there is a parallel here to women in general!
    My husband, also, is my very best friend and my biggest supporter. We are oh so lucky to have that.
    But blogging has been wonderful in providing women friends! I love to actually meet, face-to-face, with my new friends…

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