Engineering Prints | The Basics


Engineering prints are an easy way to make a big impact for a very small cost. I’ve been thinking of adding some large art to our dining room and think this might be the perfect way to get the look! Let’s discuss some of the basics, shall we?

jenny large art 800

{Little Green Notebook}

What are engineering prints, any way?

They are a black and white print that are printed onto thin paper- generally used for blueprints. The quality is generally lower than that of a photograph, a bit more grain-y. I would compare it to that of a photocopy.

head clouds 800

{Smitten Studio}

 Where do you get these printed?

Fedex, Kinkos, Photojojo. You can submit your photo online to most of these places and have them ready within a couple of hours.

stripe 800

{House Tweaking}

How much will these cost me?

Most will come under $10 and you might even be able to get a print for $4. All depending on the size.

wall paper 800

{The Band Wife}

Where do I find prints to use?

You can use anything from an old photograph, to a print in a magazine to an online source. Generally, high quality photos will offer a better print; however scans have been used and turned out just fine. Here are a few sites that have some great postcards and photography.

Post Card Gallery

Library of Congress

Debbie Carlos Etsy Shop— her prints are already blown up and simply need to be ordered!

flowers print 800

{Project Palermo}



  1. Ali
    September 9, 2014 / 11:27 pm

    Nice feature! My boyfriend and I blew up some photos into engineering prints a little over a year ago and we’re getting ready to switch them out. That’s what I love about them–because they’re so cheap I don’t feel guilty about changing them every so often!

    • Yana
      September 10, 2014 / 9:18 am

      Absolutely- that’s a great idea!