Brilliant New Year


Nomad Luxuries; typographic designed poster in the shape of a light bulb to welcome in the New Year.

{Photo via Hitha On The Go}

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Ours was quiet and low-key, just what I was hoping for after a hectic 2012. We dined at Cite, enjoying our last two weeks as newly weds and rang in the start 2013 from our apartment, in cozy cashmere with two glasses of champagne.

2012 was a year of changes. I married my best friend in a whirlwind of a wedding; moved three times, traveled to three countries, and dealt with some health issues that made me sit down and re-evaluate my life. While I have no regrets, I do believe that things, both good and bad happen for a reason. To teach us something.

On that note, Petar and I took some time to come up with New Years Resolutions: from the smallest ideas to large milestones. I think it’s important to include both; having easily attainable resolutions keeps you striving for the challenging ones that require time and hard work.

2013 Resolutions

  • Take control of my health again. It really is true when they say that health is everything. With that being said, I could talk to you for days about this topic. In a shortened version, I plan on getting back into yoga and pilates regularly. I’ve stocked up on our daily vitamins (fish oil, Vit D and multi) and promised myself I would wash my face twice a day and use my Christmas gifts from my husband.


  • Simplify. In every aspect of the word. If there’s something we don’t need or want anymore, than it should simply be discarded of. Now, whether that’s donated, sold or tossed…it’s gotta go. Life is messy as it is, I would prefer to keep my immediate surroundings as orderly as possible- and hope for a ripple effect.


  • Travel more. This one is self-explanatory and should be on everyone’s list. The experience of travel can’t be taught, it must be experienced, hands on. I promised myself to plan at least 2 to 3 trips a year for us to explore new lands, recharge our batteries and satisfy our hunger for the unknown. So far we have India lined up for October, but we’re looking for a closer jaunt to unwind and detach. Any suggestions?


  • Read more. My local book club has started up again and I am determined to stick to it and finish one book a month. I’m not limiting myself to books, but also blogs, magazines and anything that inspires and empowers me. It’s wonderful to let your mind wander into a good book.


  • Find venues to let my creativity come out and play. I’ve been wanting to take a floral arranging class and some fun workshops to get the creative juices flowing. Plus, I love to dabble in so many things, it’s always exciting, and challenging, to try out something new.


  • Buy a place. This one should probably be at the way top. This is our mandatory milestone this year, and I’m hoping it will turn out to be sooner in the year than later. You need to have a solid base from where everything else can stem off from. I am ready to make a home with Petar and enjoy all those moments of renovating, decorating, cuddling and entertaining in our new place.


  • Career. Sigh…this is also a big one. While I don’t want to disclose too much, I am working hard at this to make a positive change in my career and my life. I am putting good vibes out into the universe and waiting for them to come back. We’ll see where this road takes me this year, but I’m certain it will be nothing less of grand!


Nomad Luxuries; festive typographic image that gives some advice for the New Year.

 {Photo via Savannah Red Tops }

What are are some of your Resolutions? Have you started off on the right foot or did you already break some? (that’s OK if you’s only January 2nd!) Would love to hear what you are striving for in 2013.