EarCandy | December Playlist



The Holidays always stir up a different energy, perhaps we can call it magic and at this time of year, I especially crave moody and seductive jazz-like tunes. The notes that transport you to a dimly lit bistro, a wafting cloud of cigarette smoke, a glass of red beaujolais and a red lip that tempts but never actually invites. Dinners that drag on into the late hours of the night, a perfect buzz, filled with laughter, a lack of inhibitions and conversation that’s overflowing, much like the wine. Sexy. You walk out into the cold air, wrapped in fur, it hits you all at once; the wine, the winter chill, the mood and for a moment nothing matters, other than that exact moment.

Many of you asked for this playlist over the weekend and it truly is the perfect three hour compilation for entertaining or simply unwinding after a long day. You may just forget about the cold and melt away your stress with a touch of je ne sais quoi. Happy listening!