EarCandy | March Playlist


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I’m almost caught by surprise that it’s already a new month, one signaling spring and a renewal of sorts. I feel recharged and my attention focused entirely on my goals- a sigh of relief after a few dazed months and a slow start to the new year. March has always been slightly unpredictable, both in weather and in mood. I never know whether it’s a friend or foe; my grandma used to tell me to be cautious in March. For some reason, that always stuck with me as a child and even now as an adult. I do know, however that March does bring me one month closer to warmer weather, brighter days and the excitement for the change in seasons. My outlook has been refreshed, with aspirations to work harder and smarter, to narrow my focus and to be calculated in my moves. And so, I created myself a bit of a playlist, one that’s quite all over the place- much like March itself.