EarCandy | February Playlist


headphone 800

A month dedicated to all things love and romance…. a special emphasis placed on pretty little things, flowers and sweet words for 30 whole days. I wonder why only one month is dedicated to l’amour. I’d happily wear my rose-colored glasses the rest of the year if it meant treating myself on the regular. This year, I’ll be spending v-day in New York, celebrating hard work, persistence and a whole lotta love at #nyfw. Excitement doesn’t even begin to explain how much I am looking forward to the weekend. Fashion and time with some of my dearest friends in a city buzzing full of energy. So, beautiful ladies, please don’t wait for February to buy yourself those chocolates, or slip into something that makes you feel unabashedly sexy. Flowers, should be a weekly splurge, adorning your nightstand; chocolate, a sweet treat you indulge in every evening before bed and a playlist to get you in the groove of feeling absolutely confident and comfortable in your own skin. Happy listening!