Earcandy | April Playlist


earcandy 800

My selection of music changes with the seasons. Warmer temps ignite a craving for Latin-inspired tunes and overall groovier vibes. I stumbled across some new artists, much like Bent, that I happen to really like and have downloaded their entire album. While on the other hand, I also was feeling some of my all time Spanish favorites that reminded me of weekend trips to Madrid back when I called Rome home. A more carefree time. You know, the same one I still crave to this day. And as I get ready for a new destination, I’m sure that next month’s playlist will be inspired by the likes of Buddha Bar and Arabic-inspired notes. Sensual and mysterious. Perhaps, I’m much of the same- a chameleon of sorts, always shifting and changing to match my surroundings, the energy around me. And so my inspiration, the music that fills my head and my earphones, follows suit.