Travel Style: What I’m Packing for Bali


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I’ve been fortunate to travel and see the world for most of my life; it’s a passion, a hunger deep inside that simply is never satisfied. And while, I’ve seen countless destinations that have left their mark on me, there have been a few trips that were nothing less than monumental. I have a feeling that this trip too, will be just that.

I’ve decided to take a bit of a different approach to this trip. As a blogger, it’s become more and more difficult to separate my everyday life from my blog. Most of my trips are taken with emphasis on planning around Instagram-worthy locations, sticking to a schedule and hopefully snapping the right shot. I have to be honest; it does take away a touch of the magic when exploring these amazing locations. So, with that in mind, I am going to take a step back this time around and I couldn’t imagine a better location than Bali, to do so. I plan to still be connected and updating social media, once a blogger, always a blogger, but I also plan on taking as much in, not only through my lens, but through my own eyes.


I am not packing a lot of clothes for this trip but will be bringing just about every colorful piece of clothing to my name. As you can imagine, there’s not much; so little, in fact, that I had to do a bit of online shopping. I was drawn to blush pinks, deep oranges and whites; colors that would complement and stand out among the green, tropical landscape. I packed dresses that would double for a casual morning of exploring the temples at sunrise and be cocktail ready with a pair of heels at The Rock Bar by sunset. I’ll be bringing mostly flats, as I’m sure we’ll be doing most of our exploring by foot, and I’ve packed an obscene amount of jewelry. I have a significant and ever-growing collection of tribal, hand-made, beaded jewelry that doesn’t get enough love or attention at home. This may just be the perfect opportunity to bring them out and dress up an otherwise, understated outfit. I hope you all follow along for my SE adventure! Wishing you a great start to the week! Xx

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