Ruffles and Cliches for Days

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It takes very little for you to make up your mind about someone or somewhere….Cities, much like people, give off an energy that either fits you like a glove or leaves less to be desired. New York has always had a vibrant energy and appeal to me; from the never-ending rows of yellow taxis to the energetic hustle of the streets and to the heavenly slices of greasy pizza. It’s dirty and owns it but utterly fashionable and absolutely classy. Always classy.

And so, when I go, whether for a quick day-trip or a longer stay, I dress in what I imagine to be quintessentially New York. A monochromatic look, red lips, understated details that require a second glance to be noticed and a cafe a mano, for running around the city. As you New Yorkers do. And so, just like my ruffled sleeves, a trend all their own, I too wanted to be a cliche, even if just for a New York minute and feel the energy of the city, all the way through my toes!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens Photography

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