Preparing for the Week Ahead

A picture of a woman working on her computer with mixed jewelry items.

{Photo via Pinterest}

I am usually so thrilled that it’s the weekend so that I can catch up on errands and much needed sleep with hope to try and redeem the little social life we have left.  By the time Monday rolls around again, I feel “unprepared”.

Lately I’ve been trying to enforce meal planning Sunday night. I know myself; I can’t wake up early enough to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast (the most important meal of the day) before work, so I try to make some easy-to-grab items that still keep me full through lunch. Like this banana nut bread that I substituted applesauce and Fage Greek yogurt instead of sugar and cream cheese. Turned out delicious. Add a hard-boiled egg, slice of Morbier cheese and a handful of mixed berries and a steaming-hot green tea and you’ve got yourself “balanced”.

Two images that show healthier substitutes for everyday cooking ingredients.

{Check out these great cooking/baking substitutions. Easy, and leaves you no excuse for not making a recipe healthier. Check out my Pinterest board, Tickle my Palette, for more tips}

I also try to make a meal-plan and print out any recipes I might need. This has been a big help in time management. P.S. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry! If you’ve got a list (and a full stomach) you’ll be just fine!

A basketful of vegetables and greens for antioxidants and fiber.

{Got my leafy greens and antioxidants going! }

I always buy flowers on Sunday so they can keep us smiling all week long. There’s no doubt these beauties are instant mood-lifters! Whole Foods was having a sale on their organic tulips. I went red this week!

Red tullips placed in a black cube planter as a fresh and fun centerpiece.

{Subconscious heart awareness? Woo!}

What do you do to prepare for the week? Any tricks of the trade you would like to share with all of us busy women?



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