Ready For Spring

Despite that it hasn’t felt much like Spring in Chicago, in fact, it’s snowing as I write this, a change in the clock yesterday made for a quick realization that Spring is around the corner. I immediately have a renewed sense of energy and excitement with the new season approaching. Grocery stores are filled with colorful, spring flowers and produce,

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EarCandy | March Playlist

I’m almost caught by surprise that it’s already a new month, one signaling spring and a renewal of sorts. I feel recharged and my attention focused entirely on my goals- a sigh of relief after a few dazed months and a slow start to the new year. March has always been slightly unpredictable, both in weather and in mood. I


Milk & Honey | Striking a Balance

My wardrobe, as of late, resembles much of my life; a constant attempt of striking a balance. Somewhere in between edgy and cool and sophisticated and classic. As if these yards of fabric knew the internal struggles I was constantly battling. You see, I tend to go through these waves of restlessness. This isn’t a new notion for me, if