The Weekend

The long awaited Friday, signaling the end of a work-week, for most, and the beginning of rest, relaxation and perhaps a bit of indulgence, too. I’m signing off a bit early today to break a sweat at my very first SOUL Cycle class- I hope to be yet another convert and ideally, burn off a few calories while I’m in search

A Wardrobe Staple – The Bodysuit

This bodysuit happens to be one of my favorite items currently hanging in my closet and sure, it may have something to do with the fact that a bra is entirely optional. You see, I have implemented somewhat of an unwritten rule these days; I have boycotted the confinement of an underwire and pinched straps on the weekends. After my


Waking up in this simple bedroom with the most perfectly positioned gallery wall and indulging in a breakfast of banana, ricotta pancakes served in bed with a side of coffee….