A Navy Suit for New Year’s Eve

Perhaps you wouldn’t know that my usual New Year’s Eve tradition involves a very specific sushi order, a chilled bottle of champagne in the freezer and the coziest of sweaters I could find. I’m generally not one for new year’s festivities, I find it more stressful than enjoyable being out in the cold, among crowds, paying for over-priced drinks to

Paris Photo Diary Volume II

In retrospect, I’m always so glad I write these travel diaries, if nothing else than a visual recollection of places that may become blurry with time. What was that one restaurant on the Left Bank…near that museum? You get my point. What you also don’t see, is the usual itinerary I create before any trip, that I save in a

Paris Photo Diary Volume I

Bonjour! If you guys followed along on Instagram, then you know I was in Paris just a few short weeks ago. What a glorious trip….one of my least planned, on a whim trips and yet one of my most enjoyable. Perhaps it was the company of 3 fabulous women, perhaps it was the endless glasses of wine and cheese du

A French-Inspired Look

When packing for Paris, I kept things quite simple; a color palette made up of 3 essential colors – black, red and white. Because, can you think of anything more Parisian? I still believeĀ  that there is nothing more chic than an all black outfit, or as the French would say, tout noir, and as promised, this week I’m dedicating