Reoccurring: Coats and Questions

Every evening, when I retreat to my cluttered office, the spare second bedroom that hasn’t seen a guest in years, the same questions always surface. Inconveniently at midnight, when the outside world is quiet, and my mind too, finally has time to think. Why do I blog? What is it that compels me to sit down and write every night,


A Chunky Sweater Dress

Perhaps it’s the post-holiday daze that has me feeling uninspired of sorts. Or the dreary, January weather that makes it entirely more difficult to get dressed in the mornings. I’ve been feeling a lack of creativity, a silence in my own voice, reflective even, that I can’t seem to pinpoint. It was an exceptionally dreary day when I realized I


Beauty On The Go With Maybelline

I am determined to step up my beauty game this year, or perhaps return to the little game I had back in the day. We’re still talking about makeup, aren’t we? It’s true, however, that when I look at pictures of my younger self, I appear to have a better relationship, one of comfort and ease with makeup. Now, it’s


Designer Spotlight | Sophie Buhai

Lately, I’ve been really attracted to strong, statement jewelry. While I love dainty and feminine pieces, too, there is really something about heavy metals that always manages to catch my eye. When I came across jewelry designer, Sophie Buhai, I was tempted to spend my entire life savings. Seriously. I want everything in her collection. Her pieces are strong, slightly