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Waking up in this simple bedroom with the most perfectly positioned gallery wall and indulging in a breakfast of banana, ricotta pancakes served in bed with a side of coffee….

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The Weekend

This photo, in all of it’s coral glory, is giving off such a positive, energetic vibe- I am trying to soak it all up. I hope that it’s having the same effect on all of you this Friday morning. Part of the excitement to travel to a new destination generally happens months in advance; the planning, the anticipation of what

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Home | Minimal Sanctuary

There is something incredibly soothing about this home and sure it probably has to do with the monochromatic tones, minimal furniture and interesting textures. Linens and velvets happily coexist in the same room with marble and metals. And despite all the juxtaposition, there is a perfect amount of interest and empty space in the home. Lately, I’ve been really eyeing


Banana Republic Spring Sale

It seems that “sales” are the new way of shopping. Have you noticed? Sales used to be something we looked forward to on a biannual occurrence, perhaps a quarterly happening, but now… sales are commonplace. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m thrilled by the shift in “shopping psychology”. I know myself, I will rarely buy full price these days. After all, they