Earcandy | April Playlist

My selection of music changes with the seasons. Warmer temps ignite a craving for Latin-inspired tunes and overall groovier vibes. I stumbled across some new artists, much like Bent, that I happen to really like and have downloaded their entire album. While on the other hand, I also was feeling some of my all time Spanish favorites that reminded me

A Forced Restart

I’ve dabbled in various endeavors… a storefront I impulsively signed the lease for only to realize I felt trapped; I’ve spent countless hours inhaling paint fumes to give love to old, worn furniture; I continue to help women update their wardrobes with stylish pieces and I even started writing a book I hope to finish one day… Needless to say,

Sunday Pairings

A slow, Sunday morning flipping through coffee table books in this bright and gilded kitchen and snacking on whipped feta, pear, honey and rosemary crostinis…

The Weekend

After ditching errands last weekend to go shopping instead, I have quite a bit of catch up to do. It is however, supposed to be a glorious weekend in Chicago, full of much-needed sunshine and warm temps which may make it a bit harder to focus on my growing to-do list. I’ve been craving Soul Cycle ever since I took