Sunday Pairings

A slow, Sunday morning flipping through¬†coffee table books in this bright and gilded kitchen and snacking on whipped feta, pear, honey and rosemary crostinis…

The Weekend

After ditching errands last weekend to go shopping instead, I have quite a bit of catch up to do. It is however, supposed to be a glorious weekend in Chicago, full of much-needed sunshine and warm temps which may make it a bit harder to focus on my growing to-do list. I’ve been craving Soul Cycle ever since I took

The Weekend

This week rolled out the punches, one after another. A sense of relief that the weekend is only a few short hours from starting, would be a grand understatement. Last night, however, was a nice change from the usual weekly routine. A stay at the Bangtel hotel; an evening of good food and some much-needed girl time in a fabulously decorated

Eat, Drink, Collaborate | A Bloggers’ Brunch

The Occasion I’m not sure there is a better occasion than a Sunday brunch. Any opportunity that allows for people to gather around an over-sized dining room table to share in good conversation, a delicious meal and cocktails, is in my opinion, a perfect way to spend the morning. These past couple of months, I was feeling particularly drawn to