One Table: Spring Brunch


Nomad Luxuries an inspiration for a european styled brunch with a simple and clean white tabling.

{A European Brunch. Image via The Style Tailor}

One Table this week is a bit lighter, a bit fresher… Spring is around the corner and bikini season is closer than we would all like to admit. This time of year, when the snow is grey and should be long gone, I get in my moods of clean eating. I purge old clothes, pantry items and go into full decluttering mode.

With that being said, when I found this recipe, I knew it would be perfect for this week’s One Table. The breakfast bowl is easy to make and easily taken to-go; so there’s officially no excuse why you can’t eat healthy and maybe even sport that new bikini at the beach? Hmmmm?

Nomad Luxuries an inspiration for a healthy and hearty breakfast or brunch.

{How good does this look? Seriously. I’m salivating over here! Image via, here}

I simply made the quinoa the night before (I used red) and stored it in Tupperware. This made it super easy to throw this bowl together in the mornings. You won’t be disappointed!

You don’t have to throw a soiree to enjoy breakfast at home. Even setting the table for two will make early late mornings that much more enjoyable.

I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s table setting for brunch-

Nomad Luxuries an inspirational photo of Gwenyth Paltrow's brunch set up. Nomad Luxuries an easter tablescape with hints of baby blue for inspiration for the spring. Nomad luxuries an inspirational spring table filled with baby blue eggs and china.

{Images via, here}

The palette is refreshing and slightly rustic. It would make for a perfect Easter brunch or quite frankly, brunch par deux.

What is your morning go-to for breakfast? Do you have time to cook up a feast or are you always running out the door 5-minutes late? Share some of your favorite morning recipes with us~