One Table: Green, Gold and White

I came across these fabulous tea canisters in my House Beautiful Magazine (March edition) and everything spun off from there…

 And so, today’s One Table is a nod to tea and the soothing and hospitable characteristics of brewing and steeping.

A luxuriously decorated gold tea canister with gold foil detailing.

{Tea Canister in Tortoise Motif }

While coffee and I have gone our separate ways long ago, it wasn’t an easy breakup. Coffee is like that bad boy in high school your father warned you about. But you just couldn’t stay away. It’s addictive and you just can’t help yourself. Yes, we are still talking about the coffee, ladies!  I on the other hand, went with the safer bet; the healthier choice that won’t toy with your emotions, leaving you high and low. Tea, my friends.

Now, I enjoy a cup o’ joe on weekends when Petar and I have time to linger and chat over breakfast (my favorite part of the week). Coffee has now become a bit of a treat rather than a drug-like substance to get you out of the bed in the morning. I’m not telling you to give up coffee and go green (tea, that is); but rather shine the spotlight on the black sheep of the family and prove that tea, too can be cool!

I started following Teaspoons and Petals blog and it’s just fabulous. You want to talk devoted? This is devoted. Alexis has had a life-long love affair with tea.

Not inspired yet? Why don’t you drink your tea in this…

A green tea cup with a floral design to inspire others to grab a healthier choice.

{One of my favorite tea cups. Saving up to buy the others for a complete set}

At this table….

A green and gold themed dining table design for a fresh look.

{White, gold and green. Fresh and Clean! Photo via Pinterest }

Why stop there? Why don’t you throw an entire party dedicated to tea?

Tea party invitations with green and gold elements to bring a fresh element.

{Menu and mint }

With a side of milk please…

A brass milk pitcher to serve alongside a tea party.

{Serve milk in this brass pitcher from Zara Home}

And if you still can’t stomach the thought of tea, find a multi-purpose use for the vintage tea cups…

Tea cup planters for prickly cacti for a unique and fun decor idea.

{Loving the juxtaposition of vintage and delicate tea cups with planted prickly cacti}

Are you making a Starbucks run or steeping a green tea in the mornings? What’s your go-to flavor? Would love to know!



2 thoughts on “One Table: Green, Gold and White

  1. Libby

    Oh yes, indeed, tea for me! I just received my (almost) monthly delivery of 2 lbs. I drink only loose tea, and prefer a really strong Assam. I stopped drinking all coffee many years ago, and am happier for it! Love your images here and am going now to check out Teaspoons and Petals!

    1. Yana

      Libby- Teaspoons and Petals is a great blog and for someone that truly enjoys in tea, you will enjoy her knowledge and passion for it as well. I’m currently brewing Green Tea from Harrods London for a daily cup but will definitely look into Assam!

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