A New Skin Care Routine with Curél

It’s been no secret that I pride myself on my facial skin care routine. In all honesty, I tend to neglect the rest of my body. I fall into this “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and completely forget my outer extremities. They always seem to be hidden under layers of warm and fuzzy socks or gloves; anything to keep the chill out. Ironically, this should be when I focus on my dry skin the most. I’ve always suffered from dry skin; I even had eczema as a kid which was frustrating and uncomfortable. I eventually grew out of it, but for a while it had become an issue that I was embarrassed about. Now, as an adult, I want (and need) to be more conscientious of managing my dry skin and moisturizing regularly.


Recently, Curél surveyed 40 bloggers, including me, to see how we felt about our dry skin. It was amazing how common this issue is! Take a look at their results – do you have the same issues?

Image: Curél


So, after a cold, Chicago winter, I partnered with Curel to give their Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer a try and end my dry skin woes with daily use. I was immediately intrigued; a light-weight, non-greasy lotion that I can apply to wet skin. You mean one less step in my quickly growing night-time routine? I never really thought about it before, but it makes sense. You steam your face to open the pores so that it can soak up the best of the serums and lotions you’re slathering on. Why wouldn’t you do the same for the rest of your body? You can apply this moisturizer immediately after your shower and directly onto your wet skin. I wanted to focus on my legs, where I always struggle with dry and flaky skin. Even in the warmer months, and from the infographic, I’m not the only one who experiences this!

I decided to give it a go and every night after my bath for the past two weeks, I made a point to slather on my moisturizer, It’s different than other moisturizers – you rub it onto your wet skin right after you shower, before you towel off.  It turned out to be a favorite bed-time routine and even relaxed me before I went to sleep. The skin on my legs drastically improved and in such a short amount of time, too! Not to mention, the intensive lotion never ruins my crisp, white bed sheets! Because it’s so easy to use, I plan on using this all through the summer months, too. Imagine how great this would be after a chlorine-filled afternoon at the pool or even from the strong, Mediterranean sun on my upcoming vacation[JC1] .


Have any of you suffered or still do from perpetually dry skin, no matter what you do? What’s the driest part of your body? Curel has been kind enough to offer one lucky reader to be entered for a $100 Visa gift card so make sure to leave your comments below!

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87 thoughts on “A New Skin Care Routine with Curél

  1. hannah

    I have dry skin in the winter and it drives me nuts! On my hands, because the dishsoap washes away my natural oils, so my palms get all dry. And on my feet too. I should totally try putting lotion on every night and see if that helps any

  2. Natalie

    The driest part of my body is my hands. When they are really dry they will crack and bleed, especially in the wintertime.

  3. Julie Wood

    The driest part of my body is my legs. They are always dry and flaky. I need to get this Curel Wet moisturizer!

  4. Jessica To

    My hands are really dry from washing them so much to try to keep away germs this winter.

  5. Stephanie Phelps

    My feet are always the driest part of my body and I have been battling that for years now!

  6. Margaret S Porter

    My elbows, lower back and legs are so dry. I hav psoriasis there. i use lots of lotions and such. I also drink water and take an over the counter antihistamine.

  7. Debbie F

    I do, my hands are my problem area. I try to moisturize every day with lotion but sometimes I forget. 🙁 But we all know dry hands feel horrible so I try to keep up with moisturizing as much as I can!

  8. Allison Swain

    Usually in the winter time it gets dry, but I use coconut oil to help my skin,
    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  9. Sharon Rooney

    Yes, I do suffer from dry skin on my legs. My hands get very chapped and dry in the winter and I have to moisturize them a couple of time a dry to keep them from cracking. Yuck!

  10. Chrissy

    The driest part of my body is either my hands or my legs – and they both itch when they get dry which is gross!

  11. Madeline

    My hands get dry in the winter. I’m sure it’s from the dry heat. To combat this, I apply a bit of oil right after my shower, and also at bed time.

  12. Cynthia C

    My feet are probably the hardest part of my body to keep moisturized. They get very rough if I forget to use lotion on them.

  13. Jennifer W

    I suffer from dry skin during the Winter. My hands are my problem area and I try to use lotion every day.

  14. Susan Smith

    My feet are always the driest part of my body and I have been battling that for years now!

  15. Janice Cooper

    I have extremely dry skin especially during the winter months. My hands, legs and feet get really dry. I try to use a thicker lotion a few times a day.

  16. Nicole Martin

    My hands are VERY dry. They are the absolute worst in the winter. They crack and bleed.

  17. Jeffrey

    I suffer from dry skin on my hands and sometimes my elbows. I live in northern Ohio so we get some of the same weather you deal with in Chicago. That cold dry air is the worst!

  18. Ellie Wright

    I like really hot baths and showers, so I do deal with dry skin. My heels are my driest part.

  19. Tina W

    My skin is always dry, living in the desert does not help at all. I try to combat it by drinking plenty of water and limiting time in the sun.

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