Monday Mystery


                I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our Ravinia picnic was a success- even though it was beyond crowded, we managed to find a small nook under a tree where we cuddled up and listened to the sounds of Tony Bennett and his daughter. Our whole foods run included fresh sushi, salmon Caesar salad (my favorite), a slice of pepperoni pizza and for dessert, champagne grapes with brie and crackers. Oh, and wine of course! I had hopes to put together some tea sandwiches but my nap claimed priority that day. The weather was brisk and chilly for this time of year; I brought blankets and socks, but it was truly a fabulous time. A “date-night” was long overdue for the two of us, especially after this month’s events.

Nomad Luxuries photo capturing crowd at the Ravinia for a picnic.

{ The crowd at Ravinia }

  After finding out we were outbid on our condo, *sad face, we went “shopping” again over the weekend. We found a unit in the same building that was much more our style and even a better price. So we put down another offer and are hoping to hear back today. We got some great ideas on our future aesthetic and our new home, whenever that time comes. While driving home from our day as House Hunters Chicago, a hot pink sign caught my attention: a Designer Warehouse Sale. Ummm…yes, please! Of course, I made Petar stop. If I wasn’t so intrigued I would have foregone the creepy basement of the warehouse, but my curiosity kept me going and we scored two fabulous works of art for a steal!

Nomad Luxuries photo capturing Tuscany art canvas for wall decor

{ Debating whether this is Tuscany or Lake Como, Italy. Any thoughts? }

Nomad Luxuries canvas painting of a woman for wall decor

 { Unfortunately the photo does not do this painting justice.  I’m curious to know what her story is }

 If something peaks your interest; whether it be a garage sale or a going out of business sale, whatever the case is, stop and check it out. You never know what kind of deals you may find!

Petar’s vacation days were approved this weekend and we have decided on our next trip. I’ll be revealing our destination/s later this week, so stay tuned… And in celebration of reaching 5,000 viewers (thank you everyone), I will be doing a special giveaway soon! So excited about this- fun things to come this week!

Would love to hear about all of your weekend fun!


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  1. Jelena
    August 20, 2012 / 10:17 pm

    WOW!! Congrats on all fronts..paintings are fabulous and yes it is sooo true you never know the treasures you can find at estate, garage sales or any sales of that nature. Thanks for keeping us posted on your finds.

    Good Luck with the house/condo searching!