Mirror, Mirror….

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Good Morning! Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, this week’s outfit post has been moved up a day! While I love the Holidays and all the festivities this time of year brings, I don’t love how the cold weather effects my skin. I follow a routine every day (and night), recommended to me by skin’s fairy godmother, otherwise known as Ina, my esthetician. I’ve become pretty good about washing my face every night before bed and slathering on a whole lot of goodness and moisture on. I may be 26 but it’s called prevention, ladies!

Take a peek at my {winter} beauty ritual, snapped by the talented Jennifer Coffey, and see what I use to keep my face moisturized and glowing all season long.

(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey

After washing my face with cool water and a foamy cleanser, I hydrate with Kiehl’s Rosa Artica face cream. It’s a heavy cream with anti-aging properties and my skin drinks it all up. I always make sure to have eye cream, and Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Eye Repair does the trick. My newest and favorite addition to the mix is the Rodin’s Olio Lusso. After reading the reviews about it and how it’s an all natural secret to fabulous skin, I knew I had to give it a try. Obsessed. I use it every night on top of my cream and mix 1-2 drops in the morning with my tinted moisturizer for extra hydration. I’m all about the dewey look and not to mention, your face smells like a field of flowers- seriously. In my final step, I spritz on Vitamin E spray from The Body Shop for extra nutrients.

I always put a dab of a perfume I picked up in Egypt called Lotus, and dab just a tiny amount on my wrist before bed. The exotic floral smell has become my signature scent since I found it and it always manages to transport me to faraway lands.

When traveling or heading out of town, I carry my essentials with me in my Sister Saviour clutch- it’s deep enough to hold my stash of facial bliss but can also double for being out and about. The woven pattern and colors make it a perfect staple for the winter!

(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey(C) Jennifer Coffey

My everyday makeup routine is pretty simple- of course I’ll occasionally throw on a bold lip or some eye liner, but I generally prefer my makeup to look au natural. I use Lancome’s tinted moisturizer with SPF and add my olio lusso to make it go on smooth and glow-y. I put a bit of Estee Lauder’s bronze Goddess to give a touch of color to my face. Followed by my favorite blush (it’s clearly running low), from Paula Dorf in Jingle. It gives the perfect rosy cheek without being overpowering.

I’ve tried so many mascaras, but Loreal’s Voluminous is the best bang for your buck. I always pick the curved brush for curling my eyelashes. I’ve also started using Stila’s brow pen in medium and like that it’s waterproof and doesn’t look penciled in but rather tinted. M.A.C.’s lipglass in Lust is my go to neutral lip and pulls with rose undertones. It automatically warms up the face.

You’ll always find me looking comfy and cozy in the winter- If it’s cashmere, I’ll probably be wearing it!

Hope you all enjoyed today’s special beauty post! Would love to hear your comments and if you enjoyed the tips on today’s post!



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    Love the post.. a great idea and nice to know some of the different things you use for a beautiful look. Thanks for sharing

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