Let There Be Light


                I’ve been perusing Pinterest during my recovery; fortunately it doesn’t take much effort to pin. The one thing I love about Pinterest, besides all of the obvious answers, is that you really get to know yourself better. Since there is no commitment at all and inspiring photos are only a click away, you start to see your true aesthetic reveal itself.

                With that being said, I keep finding myself pinning these amazing large steel-framed windows. After drooling after every photo, I realized that we currently have something similar in the apartment that we rent- probably why I’m so obsessed with our tiny place! Nevertheless, I have no idea why this didn’t dawn on me before: the drama and depth that these black windows create in any room, large or small, is priceless. Traditional white windows are fine too, but can you really pass up this architectural work of art? Definitely a must in my future dream home!

Are you guys as in love as I am?


Nomad Luxuries image of exterior modern design.

{ A residence in Monaco…a girl can dream, right? Delight by Design Blog }

Nomad Luxuries image captured of interior dining room design.

{One day… Delight by Design Blog }

Nomad Luxuries interior design inspirational photo displaying a den with light exposure through windows.

{ Belgian Pearls Blog }

Nomad Luxuries image of a property in Mexico displaying the modern interior design.

{ A property in Mexico I found a while back that I’m sure must have sold immediately with those windows! }

Nomad Luxuries colorful image displaying a room with large windows as its focal point.

{ Miss- Design }

Nomad Luxuries photo of a home designed by Brazilian architect Vitor Penha with a modern and lush interior.

{ A home designed by Brazilian architect Vitor Penha }

Nomad Luxuries image of modern styled bathroom.

{ A bathroom revamp on Peppermint Bliss }

Nomad Luxuries captured image of clean and modern bathroom design.

{ Home Bunch }

Nomad Luxuries interior design inspirational photo of bathroom with luxe yet modern details.

{ House and Home }

Nomad Luxuries photo captured displaying breakfast dining room area with neutral toned designs.

{ House and Home }

Nomad Luxuries image of dining room area leading into outdoor space focusing on Tuscany windows.

{ House and Home }

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  1. Jelena
    July 27, 2012 / 2:24 pm

    I totally agree…Windows are everything and if you have a nice view outside it makes it so much nicer because you never feel like you are indoors. Thanks for sharing.