Labor Day Harvest


It was so nice to have an extra day this weekend to do, whatever. Petar and I decided to take a mini roadtrip out to Poplar Grove, IL and do some fruit picking. One more thing to cross off our summer bucket list! It felt so refreshing to be out in the “country”, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.


Nomad Luxuries tourist photo of fruit farm

{ We even managed to do some antique shopping }

Nomad Luxuries landscape image of farm with sepia tones.

 { Golden hues popped up everywhere in the countryside- it was definitely harvest time }


{ There were no apples this year, due to the early frost in March, but black rasberries were plentifull }

{ Helen and I starting to fill our bins }

{ Pricked my finger way too many times to count – still managed to keep a smile }

{ In my own little happy place! The rain stopped just long enough to pick our berries- hence the rainboots! }

{ The best apple cider donuts from Edward’s Apple Orchard and Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles }

{ The fruit of our labor }

Stay tuned tomorrow to see all the fabulous finds this weekend! What did everyone do on their 3-day weekend?