Jessica Alba’s Guest House


top view stair case blue living room main room details blue bar blue dining blue chair billiard bedroom pomszebrathree armalba

This amazing space is making me rethink my entire home. I can’t get over the powder blue and salmon color combo. It’s what dreams are made of! This gorgeous space is Jessica Alba’s guest house. Yes, GUEST house. And, if your wallet can handle it, you can rent this space on your next trip out to L.A.

Let’s talk about the design, shall we? Besides the fact that it has amazing natural light and warm temps to go with it, the espresso hardwood is the perfect compliment to the airy and powdery blue walls. Since so much of the furniture is a mix of eras and styles, it makes the entire space look curated and collected over time. My favorite combo! The brilliant minds behind the design? Domaine Home’s creative director, Mat Sanders and his LA-based Consort Design. They wanted to create a space suited for the traveler and inspired by the best hotels and boutiques around the world. Mission accomplished!

What do you think? Are you swooning like I am or are you over the blue hue?

Photos via here