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It’s 11 pm… I’m listening to Buddha Bar and rubbing an aloe plant all over my face. I’m eating my usual 4 pieces of dark chocolate with sea salt and planning the details of my upcoming trips. It’s good to have things to look forward to. The aloe plant, on the other hand, doesn’t smell good whatsoever, but if my skin is glowing tomorrow morning, well, then it’s worth it.

I remember, before 9-5 jobs, adult responsibilities and a conscience… whenever times got tough, or I felt overwhelmed, I used to skip town. Sure, it might not have been the most mature thing to do to run away from my problems. But I used to run away to some absolutely breathtaking places. And there, I would find myself again. Where time slows down. It was my way of pressing the pause button. And while I can’t get up and go like I used to, spaces like this make me wish I could! This is definitely where I would jet off to. A bleached white home, cut from stone, cool even in the strong Mediterranean sun. A place where the only distractions are what time to take a siesta and what fresh produce to pick up from the local market. I’d wear linen all day and a natural straw hat I picked up from the hut along the side of the main street. There would be a toothless man that would have the biggest grin and he would not only sell hats, but fruit and fresh olive oil from his orchard. He would even bring the occasional home-bottled red wine. I’d buy one of those, too. We’d greet each other with the typical “Buenos Dias” and make small talk about the weather. Which would never change. It was always sunny here.

And I would return back to my hidden oasis. Back to my natural linen sofas that add texture, back to the warm wood tones that add just that, warmth, to the otherwise stark space. Natural stone floors cool beneath my feet, and arched ceilings that let in the daylight. No clutter or fuss, simply the things I needed. Which surprisingly, aren’t many at all. I would write, and read, and entertain on the patio overlooking the ocean. My music would be the same – slow, slightly jazz-y but with a rhythm you could still move to. There would be candles at night and nothing but the sound of wind, cicadas and absolute silence.

How’s that for the perfect mid-day “pause”? Now, get back to work j/k! Xx

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