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Make yourself at home!

While my style is ever-evolving, it’s no secret that globe-trotting has played a significant role in how I decorate my home. I’m constantly inspired by the special places I’ve visited and the memories made along the way. When decorating our first home, I wanted to stay true to my style, while creating a space that was luxurious yet cozy and welcoming. I mixed new pieces with vintage pieces, trinkets I’ve picked up on my travels and pieces I’ve given new life to. By mixing these different styles and elements, I was able to create a layered look that appears collected and curated over time. Scents, textures, lighting…they all play a part in creating the right ambiance. I can light a candle, turn on some bossa nova and immediately melt the day away.

I’ve never believed that you need to spend a hefty amount of money in order to live in a beautifully designed home. You can make any space look expensive and high-end if you know how to mix highs and lows. Make sure to create a space that you LOVE coming home to. Happy decorating!

Our home has been featured on The Everygirl and Apartment Therapy.

Photo credit Jennifer Coffey Photo