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So expect a bit of an overload on everything Mediterranean. I’ve mentally already entered vacation mode and my style, both at home and in my closet, is reflecting my mindset. But who doesn’t need a bit of a mental getaway? Especially midweek. Am I right? This villa sits on the island of Antiparos has design that is true to its location. Cycladic details, from the white-washed walls, to the natural curves of the stone and elements that mimic the natural terrain of the rocky island. I absolutely love how they infused a bit of vivid color to the space. And while I love a good blue and white palette, this moves away from the unexpected and lends a boho vibe. The colorful, striped kilims, the hand-painted pottery and vibrant barware almost make this feel like a Tulum escape. A southwestern vibe. You have the view of the sea and also of the mountains. Best of both worlds. The best part? You can rent this home on your next Greek island adventure, here