Holiday Home Tour


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Can you believe Christmas is in 2 days? It feels like ages go that I actually decorated the house for The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge, and while we’re traveling overseas this year, I can still feel the holiday buzz in the air! Today, I wanted to share with you a mini Holiday home tour. The dining room is the last place I would think of putting up our tree, but since most of the time we find ourselves gathered around the table, deep in conversation and with full bellies, I thought it would be more than fitting this year! I ended up going with an un-traditional color scheme of cranberry and aqua; which ended up turning more retro than I had planned but gave that vintage Christmas feel, tinsel included.

The tree was adorned with faux-poinsettias and silver ornaments as a base and sprinkled with cranberry and aqua ornaments. I also added a few sentimental ornaments from my childhood. The table was set for a feast and I even managed to find a gramophone for some classic holiday tunes. Despite all the decorating and gifting, this time of year is about spending time with people you love and being grateful for the year. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’ll be sharing a fun little video with you all tomorrow! Xx

Photos by Jennifer Coffey Photography