Gift Guide: Corporate Edition


I know there are TONS of gift guides circulating around the virtual world this time of year. Hopefully they’ve been a great help to some of you! Every year, I find myself puzzled on what to gift my boss and coworkers (yes, I still have a day job). This can get tricky. Often times, you aren’t entirely certain of what coworker celebrates which Holiday and with all that’s PC in the corporate world, you need to tread lightly and take all the “if’s” into consideration.

So here’s my “mini” gift guide for your work family.

Nomad luxuries photo collage of various gender neutral corporate holiday gifts

{ Glass and Teak Jars// Desk Terrarium// Fir Candle// 2013 Calendar// Bodum Mug// Brass Wishbone// Gilded Coasters }

1. Glass and Teak Jars: Edible gifts are always an easy way to make someone’s Holiday special. This is a great gift for a group of coworkers. The teak jars are absolutely gorgeous and can be reused again and again. This year I’ll be gifting candied nuts, Mexican hot cocoa and chocolate bark.

2. Desk terrarium: I LOVE this gift. Being cooped up all day in an office can get a bit gloomy, espeically with Chicago weather. Bring the outdoors in with this grow-it-yourself terrarium; a perfect gift for your boss.

3. Fir Scented Candle: Hands down, the best “seasonal” candle I’ve come across and only $10!

4. Help them keep track of their appointments and encourage mind-wandering with a Vintage Voyager 2013 Calendar from Anthropologie?! Just the right amount of daydreaming!

5. Bodum Mug: I swear by this mug. It’s chic and transparent, so it won’t make your already-cluttered desk feel more messy. Throw in your favorite tea or an individual coffee for alert mornings! A perfect unisex gift.

6. Brass Wishbone: Because everyone needs a bit of luck! Use as a paperweight or, quite frankly as a positive daily reminder.

7. Gilded Coasters: Ok, this is definitely a splurge for your boss, but a great statement piece for entertaining prospective clients. Not to mention, it would look lovely under that Bodum Mug!

What are you gifting at work this year? Any go to recipes or gifts you swear by? Share with us!