A Chunky Sweater Dress


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Perhaps it’s the post-holiday daze that has me feeling uninspired of sorts. Or the dreary, January weather that makes it entirely more difficult to get dressed in the mornings. I’ve been feeling a lack of creativity, a silence in my own voice, reflective even, that I can’t seem to pinpoint. It was an exceptionally dreary day when I realized I needed a change of location. The four walls of my home office were simply not cutting it and so, I headed over to The Conrad Hotel to read a book and watch the rain fall. It’s not as dismal as it sounds, the change of ambience, especially one as beautiful as The Conrad was quite the inspiration this girl needed.

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It also made me realize that every woman should own a chunky, turtleneck, sweater dress. I felt as cozy as if I was still in bed, tucked under a warm, down duvet but presentable enough to be seen by the hotel guests. Is this the new way of dressing- blurring the lines of home and life outside? I’m not sure that I would protest one bit. I grabbed for one of my favorite, newer purchases, this metallic, Italian leather handbag. And please don’t make me tell you, that of course, I bought it at TJ Maxx. I have no shame in admitting the majority of my collection is found by rummaging through racks of stacked handbags. This recent addition has become a staple and a new neutral that happens to pair with just about everything I wear. At least I think so.

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It’s even big enough to hold these over-sized vintage frames, that as a co-worker recently commented, make me look “extra smart”. I shall call this look, moody 70’s with a dash of smart. And before you go and tell me that these dresses make you feel boxy and frumpy, which they very well can, please do me a favor and cinch it. That’s right, cinch it with a belt. I happen to like my clothes a bit oversized these days, endlessly inspired by my cozy bed I prefer to be in, but if you cinch it and play with proportions, it’s bound to be flattering. I added a touch of silver hardware, to match my purse, and a pair of worn-out prada booties that I’ve managed to hold on to for the past decade.

Photos by Jennifer Coffey Photography

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