A White Christmas


Nomad Luxuries; paper white bulbs fully thriving tied together with a pink ribbon.

{Photo via Dreamy Whites}

While I’ve known about narcissus flowers for quite some time, I saw them in person for the first time in Serbia. I wonder how long it would have taken me to make the connection between paperwhites and narcissus… Nevertheless, the intoxicating scent is delightful at the Holidays and so versatile! It can be given as a gift, turned into a centerpiece for Christmas dinner or simply adorn the windowsills in your home. I’m a big fan, as you can tell!

Nomad Luxuries; paper white bulbs in full bloom by a brightly lit window sill

{Photo via Turquoise Tulips and Bliss}

The bulbs can be purchased in bulk and are fairly inexpensive. Plant them in gold-dipped clay pots or better yet, your flea market finds of antique silver bowls or teacups. Oh, the options!

Nomad Luxuries; holiday gift bags of paper white bulbs.

{Or gift them as bulbs in linen bags! Photo via Birch and Bird}

Take a peak at some inspiration of how to incorporate these into your everyday!

Nomad Luxuries; paper white bulbs completing the vintage dining ambience.

{Love this entire setup! Photo via Affari}

Nomad Luxuries; paper white bulbs placed in a porcelain tea cup as a planter.

{A vintage porcelain bowl- perfect for multiple bulbs. Photo via Modern Country}

Nomad Luxuries; paper whites crisply arranged as a centerpiece in a rustic setting.

{A Christmas dinner centerpiece. Photo via Wedding Wonder}

Nomad Luxuries; fully sprouted paper whites posing on a wooden stairwell.

{Adorn your staircase so the scent can follow you to bed! Photo via Pinterest}