A Note To You…


Nomad Luxuries photo graphic of a thankful quote. { Photo via Tumblr}

Today I woke up feeling slightly emotional, excited and sentimental. Regardless that we are supposed to be in control of our emotions, occasionally one will creep up on us without warning. A scent, a delicious meal or simply a song will trigger a memory, buried away and waiting for its big return. Time is a funny little thing- something that we have absolutely no control over yet continues to rule our lives.

                My life in the past year has drastically changed and has changed me for the better. I started this blog to inspire my inner creativity, share my passion for everything global and document the special moments with the people I love, because really, time is short.  In the past five short months, NoMad Luxuries has grown, readership has increased and I find myself excited each day to write. Sitting behind a computer all day, you tend to forget that there are real people out there, reading, commenting, connecting…

                So I want to take this opportunity to thank you! Your support is un-paralleled and it’s important that you know you are appreciated. I especially love reading all of your comments, connecting on a different level with each and every one of you.  And please know that even though it might take me a few days to respond, I do read EVERY comment!

                We all have something to learn from one another and I look forward to taking NoMad Luxuries to the next step and the next and the next! I look forward to continuing to grow as an individual and as a blogger.

                Before I get too sappy (wipes away tear), thanks again!