28 Candles



I would be lying if I said I don’t get excited for my birthday. It feels special, all my own. While I prefer more intimate celebrations, it’s such a treat to indulge for an entire day. As I turn 28 this year, I wanted to reflect on the past year and what I’ve learned. My successes, my failures and the questions still floating around…

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I’ve learned that it’s OK not to know all the time. I’m so hyper-focused on always having a plan, knowing the direction I’m headed and following a structure. The older I get, I’ve become aware that while it’s important to have goals to strive towards, it’s also ok to ride the wave and enjoy your life. I plan on doing more enjoying this year.

I’ve learned to value my time. There will always be people, events and happenings pulling you in all sorts of directions- learning to value my time has helped me prioritize and know when to say no. It’s quite empowering.

I’ve learned to take more risks and follow my gut. That can be anything from taking a risk with my wardrobe to opening up a shop. This goes hand-in-hand with building confidence, which is a constant work in progress.

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A Few Birthday Wishes…

I want to focus my 28th year on finding a balance of physical and mental well-being. More yoga,  reading books that captivate me, traveling, not working so hard, getting rid of my anxiety (yep, I have it), enjoying a glass of vino, and reconnecting with new and old friends.

I want to focus on things that I enjoy, hobbies and interests that bring me pleasure. Keep bettering myself and improving the things I’m good at. I want to learn my 7th language, learn how to take better photos, have an article published, Sunday meal-prep and entertain at home more. I want to design more spaces, take cooking classes and learn how to sew. I’m striving to become the best version of myself.

Above all, I want to be enough for myself. I want to feel that deep-rooted security and sense of balance within myself. To find confidence and strength in my own decisions, in what drives me. And while I am forever grateful for my husband, my family and my friends, I have to learn that I too, am enough.  I’m finally settling into my own skin.

Thank you for showing this blog of mine some love and for reading everyday. For that, I am grateful! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Xx

What I’m Wearing: Boohoo Official Black Dress c/o | Boohoo Official Black Sunglasses c/o | Vintage Snakeskin Purse | BCBG Sandals